Dynamic calls in coding can be very useful and it can make your code more DRY and cleaner. What and how can we dynamically make calls in JavaScript? Read More

You probably know that responsiveness has become something important when designing a website so in this tutorial I decided to focus on how to make images responsive. Some web designers think that as long as the images look good the rest doesn't matter. Others say that the most important is the speed load. And a last group argue that both need to be considered. Read More

Sass For Beginners

Sass is what we call a CSS preprocessor which extends CSS3. It is a great tool to make your CSS easier to read and maintain by structuring it in a more logical way but it also allows you to code CSS faster. Read More

AJAX is very useful for example to get the data we need and display it to the user without refreshing the page. AJAX is basically JavaScript used to interact with data stored on a server. Where exactly in the server? Well, it can be stored in a database such as MySQL or in an XML file. Read More

I have been playing around with the 3D capability CSS3 offers and really had fun with it. But having fun on your own is not really fun right? So I decided to share this with you by creating a menu with a nice 3D effect on rollover without using any JavaScript. Read More