We tend to make links on a website very simple and boring. This could be changed by adding a little something. Without over using it, CSS offers great ways to animate elements on rollover or using keyframe animation. Read More

As a web developer we're always looking for ways to improve our workflow, and the code editor we use has a big role to play. I chose Sublime Text 3 as my main code editor and one of the reasons is the variety of shortcuts it offers. Read More

Dynamic calls in coding can be very useful and it can make your code more DRY and cleaner. What and how can we dynamically make calls in JavaScript? Read More

You probably know that responsiveness has become something important when designing a website so in this tutorial I decided to focus on how to make images responsive. Some web designers think that as long as the images look good the rest doesn't matter. Others say that the most important is the speed load. And a last group argue that both need to be considered. Read More